School Tour Procedures

School Tour Procedures

Thank you for considering a trip to The Turner Print Museum. We look forward to sharing the joy of art and printmaking with you. In order to ensure a successful visit for all, we request that you observe the following procedures.

  1. Groups must be accompanied by an adequate number of chaperones, at least one adult per 10 students for grades 3-12. Chaperones must stay with their group throughout the visit and take responsibility for the group's behavior and personal needs.
  2. The maximum number the museum can accommodate at one time is 30. Larger groups may visit in shifts, rotating between The Turner and another activity nearby. The area offers many educational sites to visit.
  3. Students are asked to leave backpacks in the car or on the bus. Otherwise, all backpacks must be left in the museum lobby.

Because the safety of students and care of the art is important to us, please prepare students to observe the following rules:

For chaperones and older students: turn cell phones off or to vibrate.

We appreciate your preparation and cooperation. We hope you enjoy your visit and come often!