Turner Prize for Excellence in the Arts

Each year a fine art print is purchased and added to The Turner’s permanent collection in the name of The Turner Prize recipient.

This special purchase is made in honor of an individual, business or organization that has made a difference to the vitality of the arts in the North Valley.  The honoree's name is a permanent part of the artist label when that print is exhibited.

2007-2008 Turner Prize Award

Public Market
B. 1937

"Public Market"
Printed at Crown Point Press, San Francisco, CA
Etching/sugar lift/chine colle

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"Public Market" added a notable regional artist and iconic print to the Janet Turner Print Collection.

This selection honors the City of Chico Fine Arts Commission for their longstanding devotion as private citizens operating in a public forum to support all the arts offerings in the city of Chico. The current commission, including former commissioners such as the Turner Print Museum curator, was present for the awards announcement at the Chico Museum the year the Turner programmed a full academic year of exhibitions for FarWest Heritage Association.

Catherine Sullivan, Curator
Janet Turner Print Museum
CSU, Chico

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