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Turner Ends Fall Season with “Point of View: Reading Space” Exhibit, Nov. 9-Dec. 11

Point of view: Reading Space, the third and last fall ‘09 exhibition at the Turner, is an insightful and thought-provoking look at how artists deal with space – how they create the illusion of our three dimensional world in a two dimensional print format. It is a heady and eclectic presentation of mostly 20th century prints from the Turner collection and includes works by Picasso, Piranesi, Toledo, Roualt, Hogarth, Wiley, Estes and local artist Sal Casa.

Guest curator Sheri Simons, sculptor and CSU professor of art, has selected prints to illustrate how artists use the techniques of perspective to create depth, time and space. Simons elaborates, “With our feet planted firmly in the three-dimensional world, we look ‘into’ a drawing. The artist coaxes our optical experience into a spacial one. Through formal devices known as the Laws of Perspective, the images, the terrain, and even the air within a drawing can appear as though they actually occupy real space.”

Turner curator Catherine Sullivan describes Simons’ exhibition as an interesting selection of prints, not limited to a specific time period or region. “Janet Turner used her collection as a teaching tool to illustrate different techniques involved in the art of printmaking. Professor Simons’ collaborative effort continues this fine tradition,” adds Sullivan.

Perspective, the technique, dates back 15,000 years to Paleolithic cave paintings in which painters created three-dimensional space on flat cave walls. Fifth century Greek vase painters used perspective as well, but it wasn’t until the Renaissance that perspective was analyzed and systematized. In 1435 Florentine architect Alberti’s treatise on painting addressed the importance of perspective technique.

“Point of View: Reading Space” runs November 9th through December 11th at the Turner, located in the CSU Meriam Library. There will be a reception including remarks by co-curators Catherine Sullivan and Sheri Simons, on Thursday, November 12th at 5:30 p.m.

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